Welcome to the NEW FEAR CLUB!



We wanted to create a fun and safe space for all of the #FearFam to be able to connect, post, build friendships, and watch some extra bonus content! WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THE CLUB AS MUCH AS WE DO!

We have so many things in the club that will make your experience so special!

Let us break down the different rooms in the club!

  • The Club Lounge

    • An amazing space where THE ENTIRE CLUB can post and share their thoughts with each other! We also will be posting polls and questions that could affect what happens to us on the road, give us some ideas for the next road trip, or fun questions to get the conversation going! All in all the CLUB LOUNGE is a space designed specifically for you all to hang out and chat!

  • Exclusive Content

    • This is where ALL of the Behind the Scenes, Bonus Clips, and Bloopers will be posted! You will be able to interact and comment with the posts! Want to binge watch or find a video faster? Go to the “SORT BY LOCATION” tab where all the videos are sorted out and stored by location! Or dive into the “HIGHLIGHTED HASHTAGS” tab where each location is listed!

  • Project Fear Podcast

    • The Project Fear Podcast is a monthly Podcast where the members of Project Fear talk about life on the road, funny stories that weren’t caught on camera, conspiracies, and maybe even a little bit of spilled tea! Join in on the hang out session with us and comment down below!

  • Giveaways

    • FREE STUFF IS THE BEST!!! Every month we will be giving away something to some of our CLUB MEMBERS! Custom Merch, Memorabilia from the Road, and SO MUCH MORE! All you have to do is be in the club and you are eligible to win! Oh and we might do a super giveaway for A LONG TIME CLUB MEMBER TO DO AN OVERNIGHT WITH US!!


    • We love you all so much that we want to highlight one of you each month as the V.I.P. of the Month! We will be randomly selecting one club member as our V.I.P. and we will print off your picture and HANG IT UP IN OUR HOUSE!

  • Fear Crew Feed

    • We wanted to create a Fear Crew Feed where the Crew can post videos of us on the road, pictures of us hanging at home, or just updates about our lives! We want to give you an inside look into our lives and this feed is meant for just that!


app coming in 2024 :)